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Gene brings more than 25 years senior executive experience in underwriting and underwriting technologies, captive management and agency management. Gene has worked on large workers’ compensation accounts throughout the country and has been instrumental in creating alternative risk solutions around the country. Gene has provided input on insurance legislative reform. He has been a member of and works closely with Acord Workers' Compensation Standards Committee and a consultant to the California Insurance Guarantee Association (CIGA) and the California Department of Insurance.


Gene Axtell
Clay A. Jackson

Clay is an Attorney at Law licensed to practice in the State of California.  Having practiced for over a decade, he has a wide range of expertise in the areas of litigation, business and contracts, governmental regulation and lawmaking. Clay is a former Deputy District Attorney and Deputy County Counsel. Clay has also been on the Board of Directors of a statewide self-insurance worker’s compensation risk retention group and understands, firsthand, the benefits of such a group to its members.  Clay’s understanding of the legal aspects, liabilities and risks involved with worker’s compensation make him a valuable part of our team. He holds a Juris Doctorate Degree and Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

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