Services We Provide

  • Feasibility Study
  • Actuarial Study
  • Filings with State Self Insurance Authority
  • Trust Account & Investment Account
  • By-Laws and Fund Set Up
  • Set Up Board of Directors
  • Create procedures for the Board & for Group Members
  • Licensing

For Group Approval

  • Broker of Record
  • Excess Insurance
  • Directors Liability Insurance
  • Stop Loss Insurance
  • Loss Prevention and Safety Services
  • Third Party Administration & Claims Management Services
  • Banking, Trust, & Investment Fund Accounts
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Ongoing Services

  • Set up all meetings
  • Manage Board meetings
  • Transact all affairs of the Fund & Board
  • Manage account procedures (i.e. bill payment, collect contributions, etc.)
  • Monitor all service providers
  • Correspondence with Fund members
  • Secure bids for services as required (i.e., actuarial study, accounting, broker of record, etc.)
  • Prepare condensed report on all service providers
  • Interim filings as required by the State of California
  • Prepare and file annual documents (i.e. taxes, self funding reports, financial statements, etc.)
  • New member marketing and related applications and filings